State Perspectives on Using the Guideposts for Success – South Carolina

This brief describes how the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department (SCVRD) uses the Guideposts framework to define, develop and track its youth transition services and programs throughout the state.  In a demonstration project funded by the Rehabilitation Services Administration, SCVRD created agreements with project schools to locate VR transition staff within the schools.  After the demonstration ended, SCVRD developed memoranda of agreement between itself and each school district so that every school in the state has a VR counselor providing one-on-one and group transition services within the school.  A transition services matrix crosswalks Guidepost service elements with SCVRD transition services and activities to identify service gaps and stimulate community referrals and the development of needed services.  SCVRD provides specialized training in youth transition services to VR staff.  It has also incorporated the Guideposts into its electronic case management system to enhance service planning, examine relationships between Guidepost service elements and outcomes, and monitor implementation of the framework.


National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability (2013). “State Perspectives on Using the Guideposts for Success – South Carolina.” from

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