Services to Help Young Adults with I/DD Achieve Employment Outcomes

This matrix provides an overview of service options for Illinois parents of youth with I/DD who will be transitioning from high school with employment as a goal.  For each agency that provides services (in Illinois, public school district Secondary Transition Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services/Vocational Rehabilitation, and Division of Developmental Disabilities), the matrix summarizes information on service definition, services available, individuals served (eligibility criteria and priority/target population), how to apply (who to contact, how and process), funding, limits (how long the service can be provided), job coaching (job coach training and background and service reduction schedule), jobs (setting, wages), and web links.  The matrix is accompanied by a flow chart that demonstrates how the three agencies are linked from the perspective of the applicant or customer.


Illinois Parents of Adults with Developmental Disabilities Unite (2013). Services to Help Young Adults with I/DD Achieve Employment Outcomes.

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