Evaluation of a Multi-Site Transition to Adulthood Program for Youth with Disabilities

Describes methods to evaluate the Model Transition Program (MTP) in New York State in which the New York State Education Department awarded sixty MTP grants in 2007 to school districts throughout the state. The objectives of the MTP were to (1) strengthen partnerships between the New York State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) system and high schools, (2) increase participation of youth in employment, VR-related services, and post-secondary education, and (3) develop partnerships between the schools and community service partners, including postsecondary education and businesses. Preliminary findings suggest that students with greater involvement in career development activities, measureable post-secondary goals in their IEPs, and receipt of services from community partners were more likely to engage in work-related experiences and the VR program.


Brewer, D., Erickson, W., et al. (2011). “Evaluation of a Multi-Site Transition to Adulthood Program for Youth with Disabilities.” Journal of Rehabilitation 77(3): 3-13.

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