About PIE

The Partnerships in Employment Training and Technical Assistance Center is working to increase employment outcomes for youth and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our project is underway in six states: California, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, and Wisconsin.

The Institute for Community Inclusion and the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services are partnering with these states to improve their outcomes. We are using a holistic approach that includes:

  • Focused, performance-driven, individual state support; state-to-state networking and learning; and aggressive knowledge transfer and information dissemination.
  • Annual state site visits, during which we assess state employment policy and practice, support the development of a work plan, and identify areas of expertise and opportunities for state-to-state collaboration.
  • Publications and products, including a longitudinal cross-state data analysis on systems-change efforts, self-assessment and performance benchmarking toolkits, and community of practice reports and recommendations.
  • Peer-to-peer networking through monthly topical webinars.
  • A resource library of model documents and tools essential for government systems change, including MOUs, policies, and service tools.


Model Elements