TennesseeWorks Partnership: Changing the Employment Landscape

The Vanderbilt Kennedy University Center for Excellence in Developmental
Disabilities and 28 agencies and organizations will develop a vibrant collaborative
across the state to increase the number of young people accessing competitive
employment prior to leaving high school; increase the capacity and commitment
among families and practitioners to support competitive employment and career
development; raise expectations among youth, families, educators and providers;
reallocate resources and funding streams toward competitive employment; and
increase the number of families and educators accessing professional development,
resources, and supports addressing competitive employment.

Website: www.tennesseeworks.org


Erik Carter, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Special Education
Vanderbilt Peabody College
230 Appleton Place, PMB 40
Nashville, TN 37203

Elise McMillan,JD,Co-Director
Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
Director of Community Outreach
Senior Associate in VUMC Department of Psychiatry
Peabody Box 40
230 Appleton Place
Nashville, TN 37203

Erik Carter’s Presentation: Predictors of Post-School Outcomes
Expect Employment
What Matters Most: Research on Elevating Parent Expectations
What Matters Most to Tennessee Families
Employment First Strategic Plan 2015-2017
Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Transition Services for Youth with Disabilities
Interagency Agreement Among Tennessee Department of Education, Tennessee Department  of Children’s Services, Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration, Division of Health Care Finance and Administration, Bureau of TennCare, Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental  Disabilities, Tennessee Department of Health, Tennessee Department of Human Services, Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, and Tennessee Department of Correction


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